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There's an extremely fun video interview HERE that shows the tragedy of being a rock music producer (going to another room; bringing a cardboard box; opening the box; pulling out some CDs). It's also got the first external view I've ever seen of The Studio -- a converted closet, according to this piece, instead of a corner of the kitchen. Short but fun.

ETA: This will teach me to post a discussion thread before refreshing the JoCo blog. Gaaah!

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    Well, lets discuss the article here then.

    I found out two very interesting things:

    • JoCo now makes more money than when he was a code monkey, and that is great news, as that means he will never stop making music to 'return to work', and it makes me glad that he is 'being paid' for his talent.

    • The tipping point for eventful concerts is 'about 100', alas I doubt that is true for the European tour, else he would be arranging the UK tour (it's well over 100 now)

  • I imagine the expenses would be higher for a European tour.
  • You mean flights to Europe cost more than to Washington? ;)
  • He mostly gets paid in dollars, right? ;-)
  • Oh, so now you're balming the strength of the British pound. It almost makes me want the pound to weaken...almost.
  • And if he were to perform in France, he'd have to hire dancers.
  • Kerrin -- Looking at the Eventful site, I see 134 demands for London, and 99 for UK in general. Then there are about 20 cities that each show a handful of demands -- anywhere from 5 to maybe 15 people in those locations who want to attend a concert. I really don't know what the economics are of setting up music gigs, but it seems to me that you'd need more locations than just London to make such a trip worth it.

    The rest of Europe isn't high in the demand area either -- some in Berlin, some in Stockholm, but just overall very few.

    What do you Euro folks think can be done to increase the recognition and demand in enough cities so that five or six different concert venues of a decent size could be filled for a JoCo concert?
  • I wish they had not mentioned the money thing so prominently. I'm afraid it will only encourage more people to not bother giving back since "he's doing ok"
  • That's definitely true Rob, although he already gives some songs away for free I don't think it would be good to have everyone downloading his songs because "he's doing fine".
  • I have to wonder how much of his income is from "Still Alive", which is based on a completely different business model, though he almost certainly wouldn't have gotten the work without the visibility provided by his Creative Commons music.
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    Some of the issue may be attributed to the lack of awareness of Eventful, actually. I know I hadn't heard of it until I visited JoCo's website.

    I don't know that the CNET interview discussion of money will really hurt fans' desires to contribute to the cause. So much of JoCo's fanbase is 30 and over that the issue for a lot of us is a genuine desire to compensate where we feel compensation is due. Even if I'd found out the guy was a millionaire, I would still feel it was only right to pay for the music he makes.

    This isn't to say that everyone under 30 is looking for a free lunch, but artists whose fanbase is made up of primarily college students and teenagers who simply don't have a lot of money to spend are probably more likely to fall prey to the feared mentality mentioned above.
  • Did anyone read the comments at Yahoo News about that interview. So many of them were negative, either dismissive of his talent ("only been a performer since 2005") or derogatory comments about the idea of his quitting his job right when before his daughter was born. Also some had the opinion that all his fans were troglodyte geeks that had no idea about music and he was bilking us and laughing about it. Maybe I'm exaggerating there a bit but there were certainly a lot of haters there.

    There were a number of people who stuck up for him or just had positive things to say. I was tempted to provide a rebuttal but I'm of the opinion that you don't poke a rabid dog. But I'll vent here a bit, if you don't mind.

    I did notice that the Yahoo News article focused on how much money he was making and also that he "started" his career with Thing A Week. He had three albums released before that (albeit small albums) and it sounds like music has been his thing pretty much forever. He just didn't fully commit full time until then. A lot of musicians have "day jobs".

    Anyhow, I liked the CNET interview much better. Especially when he caught himself saying "Mr. Fancy Pants" and realized that he quoted himself. Adorable!
  • I think this t-shirt from diesel sweeties explains the hater mindset.
  • But you can't leave it... someone was WRONG on the Internet!
  • I'm listening to JoCo on Twit.

    I'm a little disappointed that he says that New York isn't as good as the West Coast, or Midwest, or anywhere else. :-(

    I'm in New York, and I'm a fan.
  • Bear in mind, he lives in New York and is from Connecticut. I think it's a nice reversal of the stereotypical "New York is the absolute center of the universe" mentality, and I'm not just saying that because I live in a suburb of Boston. ;-)
  • Wow. That Twit interview/podcast is the single best interview with JoCo I've ever heard. It's like he was in the room with a bunch of people who had really thought a lot about the whole context he operates in, with the added icing on the *cake* of including a subgroup who had performed in the DVD concert. Good questions, very good pickup & followup of the points he made in his answers -- apart from all the detritus at the beginning of the show, this was an A plus, in my book.

    And CoolJammer -- I'm pretty sure that JoCo wasn't talking about New York as a place; he was referring to New York audiences for his performances compared to west coast audiences. I think his point was that his most committed & engaged fans seem to be located in or near the silicon hub cities like Seattle, SF, Portland, Boston, et cetera.

    You can tell that's likely to be the case by clicking on the Eventful button on the JoCo website homepage, and looking at the level of demand for his concerts. New York itself is WAY down the list compared to what you might imagine -- most people in the NY metro area either have little interest in his kind of music, or are too busy, or simply haven't heard of him, or some combo of the above.

    It's like what they always say about prophets & their hometowns, I think.
  • I like the futuristic ring of 'silicon hub cities'. It brings to mind space cities orbiting a silicon hub.

    I think part of the problem in New York is that there is SO much to do and see.
  • I have to agree, this is an excellent interview. I'm stoked that he even made reference to my little gang of folks when he was talking about (now world famous) Andy Bates.

    Excellent interview, well worth the time.

    The actual JoCo stuff starts at about minute 16, if you don't want to hear about other tech stuff.
  • Okay, since there are many technocentric JoCo fans, there must be SOMEbody out there who knows how to (efficiently & properly) update his Wikipedia entry, which is current enough to mention "Aftermath" but which doesn't include the TWIT interview. Which seems a shame. Anybody? Bueller?
  • I'll do it.
  • There's an interesting article online about overall music sales statistics, and mentioning JoCo's business model here.
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    Awwww! I just checked the comments on the Yahoo story and found this gem:

    As your first grade teacher I should have seen this coming. I didn't smell the Geek, however, only the Wicked Cool. And cool in a totally authentic, unselfconscious way, with an open heart and willingness to stay true. Thanks for singing at my second-failed-marriage wedding ceremony. That was the best part of the whole affair. Hugs- Ms. B.

    Liz B
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  • Wow, that's pretty cool Gina.

    Perhaps you should email the link to JoCo to make sure he see's it, as he doesn't always have time to check the fora.
  • Liz Bochain. Not only 1st grade teacher, but also the head of our elementary school's gifted program.
    She was a smart hippy in a Soc/Greaser town. Ahead of the crowd in most endeavours she undertook.
  • I emailed him and he was pleased I pointed it out. Said she was his favorite teacher ever.
  • thats so cute, his teacher leaving him a message :3

    I think it's amazing just how much attention JoCo gets, when you consider he's not got an agent or a record company.
    I think it's also thanks to you guys that he gets so much attention, it's like a small army ( i say you guys because i've just started listening and posting :P.)

    i've shown my whole 3 friends his music and they all love it ^^ my girlfriend likes it but i think she's abit sick of me playing it NON-stop.
  • Actually, he has a couple of different agents ("booking" vs. "fancy Hollywood").
  • I stand Corrected ^^;

    /me wishes they had agents.
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    Rather than start a new thread, I'll bump this one. Here's JoCo leading off a New York Times article on collegiate a capella. In Bry news, I still have my ticket from the show where the live mp3 in the "Multimedia" section was recorded (none of it is JoCo, I hasten to add). Just in case you were curious...
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