JoCo Cruise Crazy 5: The Basics

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JoCo Cruise Crazy 5 was announced on February 13, 2014.

JoCo Cruise Crazy 5 is a 8-night Eastern Caribbean
cruise on Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas; sailing Saturday,
January 31 to Sunday, February 8, 2015. It departs from Port Everglades
in Fort Lauderdale and ports include St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Puerto
Rico and Labadee.



  • What the heck? 8 days, sweet. 2 new ports, even though I'd have not yet been to Labadee yet, also sweet. Same boat, more sweetness. New game, hide things on the boat to see if we can find them a year later.
  • Whoa! We got the day back that we lose this time! It's like somebody put their calendar forward a day at the wrong time because the waiter at dinner told them!
  • "New game, hide things on the boat to see if we can find them a year later"

    *blink-blink*  That... is brilliant! 
  • I'll bring some googly eyes. I think moustache-hiding was also a thing on the first cruise, but we didn't get the chance to look for them a year later.
  • There was a conference called MacHack, which had as a central theme the hack contest, where you had three days to create something clever with the Mac OS to make it do something that it wasn't really meant to do. The best known example is overriding the trash can so, whenever you emptied the trash, Oscar the Grouch would sing a line from "I Love Trash."

    Because it was always in the same hotel, Adam Engst would take a yardstick each year and hide it around the hotel. If he could find it the next year, that was his hack. It worked every year except the last, when it was found and disposed of.
  • Here's the full story of Adam Engst's stick:
  • Yes, small stuff would be good, maybe leave a little note or small animal in the safe.
  • Thanks for the link, @Kevin; so much nostalgia about old Apple stuff, and so many interesting hacks. :) I remember hearing about Crrrhaaack at the time.
  • Anyone remember the Banana 2000 Finder for the original Mac?
  • Actually, the 6/8 day split makes sense if you think about it.  Over a 2 week period, you get one 6 day and one 8 day cruise with the same ship.  St. Maartin was fun last year and there were some nice tours I didn't do, and St. Kitts has a lot of history (a friend just spent several days there doing Revolutionary War/War of 1812 re-enactments.  Never been to Puerto Rico, but it has a lot of history too.

    My one problem with Labadee is that because it is a malaria risk area, I am deferred from donating blood or platelets for a year, so that would make it 2 years in a row.
  • In re: St Maarten, I cautiously suggest that anyone with even a casual interest in sailing look up the 12 Meter Regatta excursion on offer there. 

    It was amazing fun. And it would've still been amazing fun even if I hadn't gotten to crew the actual Stars and Stripes 87, i.e. the boat the won the America's Cup. (It appears THAT BOAT might not always be in St Maarten, but 12 meter sailing is 12 meter sailing regardless of the name on the hull.)
  • Fellow Stars and Stripes crew!  I agree, I really enjoyed that little lesson/demonstration of yacht racing. Easily my favorite excursion from last year.

  • JCCC5: Feel free to visit the

    Facebook Group




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    ( @bry and admins, could this thread be pinned, please?)
  • I'd like to echo what others have said about new Sea Monkeys not knowing about this forum or the facebook group. Could The Home Office add links or mentions to both in one or more of the emails sent to cruisers along with booking info and updates?
  • +1 to links.

    I learned about the forum from a friend, but since said friend doesn't use Facebook I didn't know about it until later and doing a search led me to many, many JoCo related groups of which I wasn't sure which was the right one.
  • I'm pretty sure the Home Office included the forum link on the emails (as well as the FAQ section) that mentioned finding a roomie and maybe newbies thought the forum was only for those who wanted to share a cabin?
  • @TheFoodGeek - it's been at least 20 years since I called a Mac my main computer, and I _still_ miss Oscar.
  • Mike! You were with us!

    I like to think the $20 I slipped the guy who lined us up got us on the "right" boat. ;)
  • It occurs to me I have the group photo from that Stars and Stripes excursion but I never scanned/posted it anywhere.
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    I have one, but it's mostly just of me. I'd love it if you scanned that, though. 

    I mean, and shared it. Just scanning it is probably a good idea for lots of reasons, but it does me no good all on its own. 
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    Open booking in only 28 days!  Does that mean those of us that pre-booked on the boat can start paying down our JCCC5 balances then?  
  • I have a question about the payment schedule.  I want to know if $250 per person is due at booking, or whether it will be $500 (minus the $250 I put down while on the boat).  The real concern is when that initial payment is accounted for.  Is it taken off the total, or does it count as the first $250?
  • I have a similar question, which is whether the amount due between when the first payment is due and the last day to have your deposit refunded is also refundable.

  • Hmm, here is the information from THO. IIRC, the original $250 onboard deposit was PER CABIN. If it was like last year, that $250 could be applied to the $250 per person on April 15. It also says that all deposits are fully refundable through May 23. YMMV.
  • The Official Word from On High (we're all sitting around at a meeting right now):

    The original $250 per cabin deposit you paid with onboard booking DOES count towards the $250 per berth deposit due when booking opens.

    Example: if your booking is for two people and have already paid the $250 per cabin deposit on board, then when booking opens, you must deposit an additional $250 for your cabin, for a cumulative total of $500.

    Another Example: if your booking is for four people and have already paid the $250 per cabin deposit on board, then when booking opens, you must deposit an additional $750 for your room, for a cumulative total of $1000.

    Make sense?

    Also, as Kate says, deposits are indeed fully refundable through May 23.

    The Management
  • AHA.

    That totally makes sense, and probably the fact that we were looking at that information while drunk on a cruise ship affected thinking abilities.
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