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Elsewhere, Robgonzo mentioned we should have a bootleg thread. Here's a start. This stuff is all (or mostly) available on the wiki show pages, and should probably have it's own page there. But for now, it is here. It's quickly compiled and not comprehensive, so please make additions or corrections. It might be fun for people to discuss their favorites based on audio quality or interesting songs and banter, etc. Whatever! I put asterisks by a few of my personal favorites.

I also gave credit on a few of these to the person who made it available. I'll go back and do all of them when I have the time....

This is just meant for audio recordings of JoCo shows. No attempt to compile the zillions of youtube videos has been made.

Little Gray Books Songs (See this link for details)
2006-09-14 Second Life (Spiff) *
2006-10-09 Santa Monica 10-9-06 (Spiff) *
2007-02-18 San Francisco (Spiff, Cafe du Coulton)
2007-09-12 Los Angeles (Spiff)
2008-05-03 Chicago - Lakeshore (fireworksordie)
2008-05-18 LA (House of Blues) (Coin)
2008-06-05 Cincinnati *
2008-07-10 Pontiac
2008-10-21 New York (Barnes & Noble, with Hodgman)
2008-10-22 Boston 10-22-08 (with Hodgman)
2008-10-25 Glasgow
2008-10-25 Glasgow (Covenant)
2008-10-29 Manchester (Kat)
2008-10-31 Nottingham
2008-11-01 Birmingham
2008-11-21 Boston (kingjeff)
2009-02-17 San Francisco (Colleenky) *
2009-02-18 San Francisco
2009-02-28 Chicago - Park West (fireworksordie)
2009-03-06 Ann Arbor
2009-05-17 LA - Largo (Colleenky & SemiEvolvedSimian)
2009-05-30 Atlanta *(avnerdsdontgetchicks)
2009-09-18 Denver (dexterdouglas)
2009-09-26 Boston (kingjeff) *
2009-10-08 Ann Arbor (slincoln, flacs)
2009-10-08 Ann Arbor (slincoln, mp3's)
2009-10-09 Chicago (FLOOD SHOW!) (fireworksordie)
2009-10-26 Minneapolis (fireworksordie) *
2009-11-13 London (Union Chapel) (Spektugalo)
2010-02-20 LA - Largo (I don't remember where I got this.)
2010-02-25 Vancouver (chicazul)
2010-05-14 Raleigh (hoppedup) * (flacs)
2010-05-14 Raleigh (hoppedup) * (MP3's)
2010-09-04 PAX - Seattle (Jmonkee, full set, single mp3)
2010-09-04 PAX - Seattle (Simalot, individual songs)
2010-12-03 Atlanta (avnerdsdontgetchicks)
2011-01-08 JoCo Cruise Crazy! (MJPM, link includes both JoCo shows (Jan 3rd and all-request show Jan 7th), plus other performers))
2011-03-12 Pax East (Bad link, needs correction)
2011-03-25 Asheville (hoppedup)
2011-04-22 Chicago - Park West (tfrooney & fireworksordie)
2011-05-27 Ottawa (jmr)
2011-05-27 Ottawa (Full Paul and Storm set, no JoCo) (jmr)
2011-05-28 Toronto
2011-09-02 Atlanta (CD release for the Artificial Heart album) (avnerdsdontgetchicks)
2012-06-06 Toronto (Haterhigh)
2012-06-16 Chicago - Double Door (fireworksordie)
2012-12-05 Atlanta (avnerdsdontgetchicks)
2017-04-23 Atlanta (avnerdsdontgetchicks)


  • Great list. Which one is the Park West recording (one of the Chicago ones, right?) That one has the debut of "Blue Sunny Day" and is definitely my fav bootleg.
  • Hey Spiff, I'm glad you really like the Park West recording. I've got a surprise that will soon be finished that I think you will enjoy...
  • There is a recording of the Toronto show.
    Although it's a video I think it goes here because it's the whole show and downloadable.
  • Spiff, I think both of fireworksordie's were at Park West, and both are great quality sound-board recordings. The one from 2-28-09 is the one you refer to, with Blue Sunny Day.
  • The May 2008 Chicago show was at the Lakeshore Theater, but yes, it is also soundboard. And it was my first JoCoShow!
  • Fantastic resource, thanks!
  • There is another list of bootlegs in the FAQ.
  • adding Chicazul's Vancouver recordings to this thread.

    Paul and Storm live in Vancouver
    Jonathan Coulton live in Vancouver
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    Raw audio recordings from Vancouver February 25, 2010 have been mastered and split into tracks by my wonderful friend Travis at One Bedroom Studios.

    Paul and Storm live at the Rio in Vancouver
    Jonathan Coulton live at the Rio in Vancouver
  • Thanks for this. After the quality tightened up, it sounded pretty good. Better than some.

    Still waiting for something half as good as the Park West recording last year :)
  • Don't miss the recording from Minneapolis last October, from this thread (Fireworksordie doing his magic again).

    I think it's the best audio recording of a JoCo show you can find, with the possible exception of Best.Concert.Ever. Mixing in the crowd noise makes it better than the Park West recordings.
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    Oh yeah, I remember that one. Yep, it's also very very awesome. :) I'm biased because I was at the Park West show, and they did the entire Flood album. Still wish the P&S portion was uploaded, though... since my Girlfriend was serenaded during Frogger.

    I'm still listening to this one, and the Mr. Fancy Pants - He did the Beyonce/Super Mario portions like from PAX09. Very cool. I wonder if he's done again anywhere else.
  • @gpia7r - As far as I can tell, Single Ladies/Super Mario is the new standard bridge inclusion. The Rickroll was starting to show its age.

    Glad you enjoyed the recording! For all that it can't match up to the audio quality of a soundboard feed, I'm pretty happy with it. (I am of course extremely biased.)
  • Raleigh 5-14-2010

    Jonathan Coulton
    May 14,2010
    Lincoln Theatre
    Raleigh, NC

    Source 1: Church-Audio CA-14 cardioids > Church Audio CA-9100 pre > Sony PCM D50 (24/48)
    Location: DFC, FOB, 20' from stage, 8' high, DIN
    Transfer: Sony PCM D50 > PC > Audacity (normalize, resample, dither) > CDwave (tracking) > TLH (flac level 8)


    01. Intro
    02. The Future Soon
    03. Ikea
    04. Ikea/Shop Vac Banter
    05. Shop Vac
    06. Cyborg Banter
    07. Better
    08. I'm Your Moon Story
    09. I'm Your Moon
    10. Banter*
    11. Tom Cruise Crazy*
    12. Banter*
    13. Big Bad World One*
    14. Curl Story*
    15. Curl*
    16. Banter*
    17. Code Monkey*
    18. Banter*
    19. Space Doggity*
    20. Creepy Doll*
    21. Mr. Fancy Pants Story
    22. Mr. Fancy Pants
    23. Skullcrusher Mountain
    24. Still Alive
    25. Mandelbrot Set
    26. Encore banter
    27. Re: Your Brains


    28. Encore Applause>Banter*
    29. First of May*
    30. Sweet Caroline*

    Jonathan Coulton - guitar, vocals
    *Paul & Storm - shaker, backing vocals


    I had never heard any of his music, but a friend is a big fan and I like to tape stuff, so here it is. I would definitely go again. Good times. This one turned out great, IMO. Enjoy.

  • @hoppedup Thanks so much for posting here to let us know! I was the gal standing to your right during the concert. It was my first JoCo concert and I'm so excited to be able to listen to it again! I'm pulling the files down now. Thanks again!
  • W00t! a new Bootleg! that's awesome Hoppedup, Thanks!
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    I am *seriously* hoping that someone is able to get a recording of this performance tomorrow (especially since I've done my own JoCo orchestration).
    Saturday May 22 at 8 PM
    Sympho’s “Tweetheart”
    Church for All Nations in NYC
    Sympho is an orchestral concert series run by my friend (and fellow Whiffenpoof!) Paul Haas. Tweetheart is an evening of classical, electronica, and pop songs about love. I’ll be doing one of my songs that he’s arranged for the symphony – it’s going to be really cool I think.
  • Nice to have kinda met you, Autumnraina. The crowd was remarkably respectful during the songs and the Lincoln sounds great. This is one of my better recordings for this reason. When I got to the center of the rail and it was occupied, it was nice of you and the other guys to make room for a taper. I have been told to f**k off when jockeying for a good spot before.

    I'll try to post Paul and Storm's set eventually, but I have a big backlog of shows that will probably get done before that one. I love to tape stuff but the post-show work is less appealing to me.

    Does Jonathan have a policy on streaming? I could stream this show if people want a sample of the quality before downloading?

    And has anyone ever approached him about being added to the Live Music Archive at
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    Thanks hoppedup! I haven't grabbed this yet, but really looking forward to it.
    Does Jonathan have a policy on streaming? I could stream this show if people want a sample of the quality before downloading?
    His policy is to get his music out there in as many ways as possible. As long as you're not making money from it, go for it! (Not that I'm authorized to speak for JoCo or anything, but I think that's a fair summation of his views).
    And has anyone ever approached him about being added to the Live Music Archive at
    That subject has come up in this forum before, but no one has ever done anything about it. I'm not sure why, it seems like a natural fit for him and his fans. If you know how to go about it, please do!
  • Hoppedup, I'm sure Jon would not have a problem with either of those things but dropping him an email would probably be the polite thing to do.
  • I sent an email about being added to LMA. If that happens, the shows will be streamable from there. All it takes to get a band on is an email to archive from the artist or someone representing the artist. Or even a second hand email so archive can contact the artist. I've had a band added before. As long as the artist is cool with it, it's a simple process.
  • Just a note for those of you who have not grabbed the Raleigh show yet; you're making a mistake! It's one of the best JoCo concert recordings there is. In fact I think it's as good as any of the soundboard recordings, including Minneapolis.

    Thanks hoppedup! How did you do that?
  • @Jmonkee,

    I have a relatively inexpensive, but pretty high quality rig. The secret to this show is threefold:

    1. The Lincoln Theatre has great sound.
    2. The fans were very quiet and respectful during the songs.
    3. I was dead center in the sweet spot.

    The first rule of making a good recording is the same as real estate: location, location, location. I have about $750 invested in the rig used in Raleigh. You could put together something really similar right now for closer to $500 or so with the way recorders are going down in price. Some people put triple that into one microphone in a stereo pair. Sometimes I grab a soundboard feed in a club where the sound is not so good. It's usually just an insurance policy against talkers and poor acoustics. Most of the time I don't even use the board recording. Sometimes I make a mix of audience and board. Sometimes I chunk it all. Soundboard recordings are too sterile, IMO. It's like a studio recording with banter. And too often they are vocal heavy depending on the room, especially with a band. With soundboard recordings you also don't get much of the sing-alongs and callbacks that are an important part of a Joco show. I like to hear a little audience noise, it reminds me that I was there, at a LIVE show.

    Oh yeah, Joco had a little something to do with the quality of this show as well.

    Glad you like it. I'll be sure to catch Joco when he comes through again.
  • just FYI, I also recorded the entire PAX East set (which was cool with the full band on a few songs), just been too lazy to work on it, and I'll be doing the Somerville show in July, just bought my tix a few minutes ago.
  • @kingjeff:
    Can't wait for those recordings! By saying you have been too lazy to work on it, you mean that you are eventually gonna do it? :>
  • Is anyone seeding the Raleigh show? I'm not able to download. Hoppedup, if you'd like I can host that on my Box account.
  • Could someone re-up the 11/21/2008 Boston show? The sendspace link seems to have expired. Cheers in advance!
  • Could someone re-up the 11/21/2008 Boston show? The sendspace link seems to have expired. Cheers in advance!
    I'll do it this weekend, if nobody beats me to it!
  • Awesome! Thanks!
  • I've put both the Boston shows on my mediafire page, you can download them from there.

    I think you'll have to download each song individually. Mediafire is annoying that way, and if I could find a better free file-hosting site, I would. The good thing is the files don't expire, so they're there to stay.
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